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Deploy your team of Glitchangels to repair 'THE SYSTEM', one corrupt subroutine at a time.!

Defeat hordes of enemies, purify areas of corruption and unlock devastating abilities as you go.

Become a ghostly apparition, go supersonic, summon minions, nuke the world, or even rewind space-time itself!

The braver you are, the deeper you go, into the depths of the virtual realm - headlong into confrontation with the five bosses of the forbidden partions.

Experience the thrill of old-school arcade mayhem, updated and improved for the modern day!

  • 7 famous angelic manifestations to control - choose your favourite and master their powers.
  • Destroy enemies, earn cash and upgrade your angel's abilities.
  • 8 unlockable applications can be turned on or off to modify the experience and match your mood.
  • 30 glitches to discover - featuring bouncy bullets, x-ray vision, monster crates, party time and many, many more.
  • Blast your way through ever increasing levels of hunters, pods, snipers, grunts and various other lethal threats.
  • Vanquish the 5 evil demonic boss robots.
  • Multiple achievements chart your progress through the game. Beat the bosses, collect all the , harvest skulls - we've got you covered.
  • Online stats and leaderboard - beat your friends and claim those bragging rights.


Available from the following stores

Xbox One

Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Available from the following stores